About us

[Equidae - Lat - 'Equine'] [EQUIDE = EQUIne + DEntistry]

The veterinary practice Equide will be happy to welcome you and your horse in its state-of-the-art clinic located in Schaffen (Diest). Here we can offer you the widest range of services in the best possible setting. 

The clinic was built especially for equine dental treatments and is the place where you and your horse will feel most comfortable. 
The practice is furnished with all the necessary equipment to treat your horse, and our installations are at the cutting edge of technology.  

Stables are also available for before/after treatment or for possible hospitalization.  

We are also equipped with a custom-designed treatment box for the smallest of your ponies.

Wouter Demey - veterinarian

Sien Pauwels - vet assistant

Sien has been part of the Equide team since 2018. She graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2010. Immediately after graduation, she started working as an assistant in the small animal sector, where she was mainly involved in patient care and general hospital organization, front desk work and inventory management. In our practice, Sien is responsible for the scheduling and administration. She also regularly assists with treatments in the clinic.

Alyssa Edom - vet assistant

Alyssa strengthens our team since 2020. After an initial training in tourism, she completed her veterinary assistant degree in 2015. She then started working in an equine clinic and progressed to become the head assistant of the operating room. At Equide, she assists Wouter with treatments on site and in the clinics. She is responsible for instrument management and updates our website and social media.


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