What's new in 2023?! (2/3)

1 January 2023

What's new in 2023?! (2/3)

In this "What's new in 2023" series, we'll share with you the big news driving our practice and the year ahead. 

Last efforts, last finishing touches, we are almost there...
After months of renovation, our 2nd treatment room, developed in even more detail than the 1st, will soon see the light of day! And we can't wait to welcome you there!

Why a 2nd room? 

Now that our team has grown, we were starting to feel a little cramped with only one treatment room.
It is also because with time and experience, we wanted to develop a room different from the first one that would better respond to certain situations.
This one is bigger and better equipped to best offer the latest developments in equine dentistry :-)
In this way, we aim to have a basic room for "clean/simple" treatments and another room more advanced in technology and different in space, for "complex" treatments.

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