(annulé) - A thorough update on Equine Dentistry - two-day intensive workshop

25 novembre 2020

Broaden your skills and become more confident in all aspects of equine dentistry! This course provides you with tons of useful background information and practical tips & tricks in an informal atmosphere. Suitable for both new graduates as well as more experienced equine veterinary dentists.

Tijd en locatie

25 nov. 09:00 – 26 nov. 18:00
Stappersestraat 3, Stappersestraat 3, 3290 Schaffen, België

A thorough update on Equine Dentistry - two-day intensive workshop

Practical information

- This is a course for licensed veterinarians and veterinary students.

- This course is organised under the wings of the Nordic College of Equine Dentistry (NCED). The course will be given by DVM Stijn Teysen (FNCED) and DVM Wouter Demey (FNCED) at Veterinary practice Equide (Schaffen, Belgium)

- Max nr. of participants is 10 with a minimum of 6.

- Lectures will be given in English unless all particpants speak Dutch.

- Registration closes 15th November 2020.

- Course fee: €1485 excl. VAT for 2-day course including all breaks & lunch + dinner at Wednesday evening. Veterinary students or new graduates (2019-2020) get €125 discount.

Important information related to Covid-19

Due to the current pandemic we have limited the maximum number of participants. We will follow every official guidline by the governement. In case participants have to go into quarantine or travel restrictions are applicable a full refund will be given.

Payment of the registration fee is only due on November 15th when Covid-19 regulations allow us to organise the course. Please register yourself as soon as possible if you want to attend this course as places are very limited.

Preliminary program:

Day 1:

Part I:

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of the horse and the horse's dentition - applied embryology and anatomy
  • Oral examination - techniques and equipment

Part II

  • Occlusion and common occlusal patterns in the equine
  • Oral pathology - Part 1
  • Bitfitting - What the *bleep* do we know

Part III

  • case discussions and examination of cadavery heads (if allowed)


Day 2:

Part I:

  • Oral pathology - Part 2 - update on diastemata and periodontitis
  • Oral pathology - Part 3 - update on apical infections and treatment options

Part II:

  • Basic X-Ray-projections and interpretation - How to make diagnostic set of X-Rays
  • The power of odontoplasty - how to float horse's teeth

Part III:

  • Rotating wetlab: Case presentations, X-Rays, work-up case
  • Summing-up and end of course

Participants are encouraged to send in relevant questions or documented cases prior to the course (deadline 15th November).

For more information feel free to contact us at info@equide.be or info@stijnteysen.be

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