SIR Periodontal staging system

2 April 2024

SIR Periodontal staging system

During the EVDF 2023 congress and the NCED 2024 congress, Wouter Demey and Stijn Teysen presented a new classification of the periodontium that they personally developed. 

This classification is called the "SIR Periodontal Staging System" and allows to evaluate the shape (S = Shape), inflammation (I = inflammation), and retraction (R = retraction) of the periodontal apparatus, allowing here to communicate uniformly and scientifically among professionals but also allowing to assess the evolution from one dental check-up to another in a horse. 

This development of new techniques is part of their shared desire to push equine dentistry to an even higher level.

Feel free to share this information and above all... to use it!


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