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Equide - veterinarian Wouter Demey
BV Equide veterinary practice
Stappersestraat 3
3290 Schaffen (Diest)

VAT : BE 0672 549 302
+32 13 220 220
+32 495 548 548

Equide is usually reachable by phone (Mon-Fri, 9-12u30), but email communications have priority. We do not answer calls on whatsapp. 


The office is located on the borders of Flemish Brabant, Limburg and the province of Antwerp.  

From Valkenswaard, Maastricht and Aachen, you can easily reach us via the Lummen interchange.

From the west, take exit 24 on the E314.
From the north, take exit 24 on the E313.
From the east, take exit 26 on the E313.
From the south, take exit 26 on the E313.

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