Equide has a professional mobile set-up that allows many treatments to be performed on site. However, it is not possible to perform all treatments on-site. Would you like an appointment at home? Then please consider the following important points:

- The number of slots available for on-site services is limited and also depends on the region.

- Presence required of:
* An adult, preferably the owner of the horse.
* A roofed, draft-free area (e.g. solarium, horse stall or barn)
* Accessibility by a concrete road and doors at least 90 cm wide
* Running water and electricity, free use of these.

- Due to our busy schedule, it is not possible to treat more horses than scheduled at the time of your appointment. If there is a change in the number of horses or location, please contact us at least 2 business days in advance so we can review the possibilities.

- Please also consider the cost of travel and set-up of our mobile equipment. You can find more information on this subject in our price list.

Watch out: Please note that the waiting list for on-site appointments is particularly long (+6 months) due to the high demand. 
We are no longer able to accept new clients with less than 6 horses located more than 10km away from our practice (Schaffen) or in a stable where we don't have other clients located.
The fastest and most economical option is to make an appointment at our practice.


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