Why a vet - but not a tech ?

27 March 2023

Why a vet - but not a tech ?

Dentistry in animals is veterinary medicine (where do you take your dog when he has dental problems? Right, to your veterinarian!). Equine dentistry has developed rapidly and has become a branch of equine medicine that should be explored further after veterinary studies.
The (non-veterinarian) dental technician/dental hygienist is not legally allowed to do anything other than limited floating of your horse's teeth. Diagnosing, larger correction and/or pulling (wolftooth or) molars are prohibited by law. 
Thus, the dental hygienist can either offer you very limited treatment for your horse or be in an illegal territory. The title "dental technician" is a non-protected title. This means that anyone can use this title. Thus, it says nothing about the person's training. The title "equine dentist" is prohibited by law for non-doctors.

On the other hand, the specialized equine veterinarian can anesthetize your horse and administer the appropriate medication, apply local anesthesia, pull teeth and perform all actions related to this specialization. Moreover, a veterinarian can advise you on underlying problems and take a general medical and recognized look at your horse.

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